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Header and Hub-Lateral System

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Update time : 2020-06-15 14:06:51
For the treatment of process water such as in ‘Ion Exchange’ and in the process of removing organic matter, UBOW FILTER offers products such as the Header and Hub-Lateral Systems to uniformly collect and distribute process flow. Sizing of both the main header pipe and the screen laterals are based on recommended through-pipe and slot opening velocities to ensure higher efficiency and lower pressure drop. Sizing of the slot size is also critical to ensure that there is no resin/media migration. The screen laterals (screen-based or screen + drilled pipe-based) are removable and can be designed with either a flange or threaded nipple connection.

Each of our Header and Hub-Lateral Systems are carefully designed from your specified design conditions that include the vessel inside diameter, volumetric flow rate, the allowable pressure drop through the screen, resin/media to be retained, and a open area to list. Therefore it is very important to work closely with UBOW FILTER during the design and engineering stage to ensure that all screen characteristics are accommodated.

UBOW FILTER's Header and Hub-Lateral are designed and fabricated to provide an efficient full bed utilization and containment solution. They can be engineered or replacement in-kind solutions to optimize specific process conditions. There are a variety of options including perforated plate, profile wire and precision cut and/or formed pipe. UBOW FILTER’s laser precision of pipe fabrication and the ability to be agile with a variety of needs makes them ideal for multiple applications.
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