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How to order Wedge Wire Screen

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Update time : 2020-10-28 16:07:17
Whatever your challenge, we listen, understand the problem, and work with you to build the best-slotted wedge wire screen solution.

Our wedge wire screens can be individually adapted for each individual case – for example as centrifugal baskets, filter plates, screen panels, screen cylinders, sieve bends, filter pipe, Lateral Water Distributor, Resin Trap, etc and in each screening direction with all conceivable geometrical shapes, materials, dimensions as well as various profile shapes combined with different crossbars, depending on the requirements and application.

Wedge wire screen work virtually without any clogging, have an optimal open screen surface and have a long service life.

If you have the need to order wedge wire screens, you can directly leave us a message for the type you want.
We will have professional staff to get in touch with you, and design drawings according to the use scene, pressure, and filter range of the product, confirm that it is correct, then proceed to production, and finally inspect and deliver.

How to order Wedge Wire Screen for Industry Filtration

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