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Refinery Filtration Solution

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Update time : 2020-07-27 14:51:20
It takes a whole lot of fuel to keep people moving. Refineries are the key to transforming crude oil into the oil and gas people use every day.

Throughout the industry, the filter is essential. 

In oil refineries, large quantities of cooling water are required. In most cases, river water, well or lake water is used. Depending on the degree of water pollution, adverse effects may occur on the plant equipment. Heat exchangers or spray nozzles often get clogged but also seals, pumps and all piping systems can be damaged.

Get the best possible protection of your equipment by using our wedge wire screen filter element to avoid production losses and reduce the maintenance costs significantly.

We can provide various types of filter elements for oil refineries and can customize the production of filters according to equipment requirements, please visit our website and leave a message.

Refinery Filtration Solution
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