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Wedge Wire Filter Element

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Update time : 2019-11-07 14:39:39
Wedge mesh filters are also known as wedge wire filter strainer, wedge wire filter elements or Johnson wedge wire filter. It is a new product for flow distribution and carbon retention waste, water filtration and purification.
The wedge wire filter consists mainly of two parts: a V-shaped profile wire and a reinforcing rod. Each intersection of these wires is welded together to form a strong structure and good mechanical properties. The contour and support bars can be axial or radial. It mainly includes internal filtering and external filtering. Depending on the application, we can design wedge line filters with a variety of shapes to meet the needs of our customers' applications. In addition, we can customize wedge wire filter products such as filter tubes and filter baskets according to customer requirements.
The material of the wedge wire filter is mainly galvanized steel wire, low carbon high carbon steel wire, and stainless steel wire. The main stainless steel wires are SS 304, 316 and 316L. As for the wedge line, support line, notch, round wire diameter, outer diameter, and length, we have standard specifications. Our wedge wire filter has a maximum length of 6 meters. In addition, we can produce special specifications according to customer requirements.

Wedge wire filters are widely used in deep well pumps, submersible pumps, wastewater treatment, water softening, petroleum industry, food processing, mineral processing, and chemical and alkaline filtration.
In addition, our wedge-shaped wire filter has the following advantages: easy to install and operate, wear-resistant, durable, rugged construction, high filtration efficiency, high-pressure resistance, high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life, and easy cleaning.
For the filtration needs of some special industries, you can provide the data you need, our engineers can design drawings for you to customize products, and look forward to our further cooperation.
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