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Advantages and applications of stainless steel nozzle filters

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Update time : 2019-10-25 20:57:00

   Stainless steel wire filter, large circulation area, free from temperature, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, long life, easy replacement, safety, and environmental protection. SS filter is a new product in the water treatment equipment industry.
Older products such as laminated plastic water caps are widely used in alternative water treatment equipment plants. The plastic water cap has poor strength, pressure resistance, temperature resistance and poor anti-aging performance, especially the weak point of such strength is easy to break, which brings hidden danger to the safe operation of the equipment.
Stainless steel nozzle filters can help users avoid the worries of the original plastic water cap.
Stainless steel nozzle filters can produce high-pressure beer and are not susceptible to breakage. Reinforce the thread on the filter structure, add rubber gasket, firmly connect, never fall off. The head of the filter head is designed to reinforce the bottom seam and therefore has the following advantages: there is no dead water area between the filter plates and no mud. Widely used in water treatment filters, filters, softened water combinations, backhaul, ion exchange column equipment. Various filter covers can be used for various matching ion exchange columns, and activated carbon filters can also be used for fast filter drainage systems.

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