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beer industry filtration
Brewing is a controlled natural process that creates substances both necessary and unwanted. Proper filtration removes damaging particles and organisms. From primary through the trap, fine and final, our filters help you achieve the unique characteristics of your brew.
In the case of pub breweries, the entire beer clarification process is accomplished with the use of sheet or lenticular filters. However, for larger producers, especially package brewers, separation into separate clarification steps helps to reduce costs and achieve longer-term beer stability.
Generally, there are four main clarification stages including primary filtration, trap filtration, fine filtration, and final membrane filtration. Filtration at each stage is for a particular purpose:
1. Primary filtration removes solids and bulk yeast from the beer.
2. Trap filtration removes DE or other process additives
3. Fine filtration may reduce yeast level and removes fine particulates that could foul a final membrane filter.
4. Final membrane filtration removes organisms that could spoil the packaged beer.

wedge wire screens used in brewing system:
• Lauter tun screen
• Mash tun screen
• False bottom screens
• Custom made screens for retrofit or new installations

Stainless steel wedge wire screens provide a false bottom in a lauter tun in many craft beer breweries. The lauter tun screen is necessary for a proper separation process. All UBOW lauter tun/mash tun screens are custom built to your specifications. These wedge wire screens can be built as one piece/screen or in sections to fit through any size manway and are designed to sit on a ledge within the tank/kettle.

Our round wedge wire screen panel can be used in all beer industry, and you can custom filter product for your application industry.​​​​​​​