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Food Processing Industry
Food processing is the process of converting raw materials into food by physical or chemical means. The process combines raw food ingredients to produce foods that can be easily prepared and consumed by the consumer.

The food industry has a variety of applications that wedge wire filtration products that have been used in this industry for many years, such as wedge wire screen panel, Wedge Wire DSM Screen, and wedge wire screen cylinders. The main uses of wedge wire products in the industry range from solids or water separation, grading and sieving to transportation, recycling, and recycling.
Some typical industry applications include fish, vegetables, oils, and sugars, etc.

Flat, framed or unframed wedge wire screen panels are used for:
• Filtration
• Lauter tun screen or wedge wire screen used in breweries
• Sizing and separation
• Fluid bed dryers or coolers
• Washing
• Various vibratory screening applications
• more

Stainless steel sieve screens are used for:
• Processing corn for corn starch
• Processing sugar
• Sizing and washing potatoes, vegetable and cereal
• more

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