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Papermill Filtration
The pulp and paper industry comprises companies that use wood as raw material and produce pulp, paper, paperboard, and other cellulose-based products.

The efficient separation of solid particles from liquids is one of the main concerns in the Pulp/Paper industry. Hebei Yuanlv high-quality cartridges provide the solution for efficient separation processes including centrifugal cartridges and static cartridges.

Pulp & paper and recycling industries use screens for water cleaning, dewatering, clarification, pulp screening, and fractionation, drying and other separation processes. With our wide range of wedge wire screen material and sizes, we cooperate closely with our customers to ensure the ideal combination is choosed to create the optimum screens for the filtration stages.

Clarification of Water
Cleaning of Dirty Water
Dewatering Pulp Screening and Fractionation
Drying Solid Particles
Other Solid and Liquid Filtration
Retention of Fibre

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wedge wire screen panelwedge wire screen cylinder for papermillRotary Drum Screen for paper pulp industry