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Resin Trap Screen Filter Providing Security For the Media and Resins

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Update time : 2022-04-26 10:32:06

RESIN TRAPS--Providing security in case of catastrophic failure of your media beds

We offer custom styles to accommodate your existing spooling restrictions, flow rates, pressures, and other needs. Acrylic and stainless steel housings are available.

The resin trap screen is normally closed on one side and has a flange on the other for easy installation of the equipment. The resin trap screen has a continuous slot and smooth surface. It can be made for flow-in-to-out (FITO) or flow-out-to-in (FOTI) filtration. The slot sizes are as small to capture very small particle resins. The flanged Profile Wire Screen element included with the main housing as depicted below eliminates the migration and loss of expensive resin/media, whilst at the same time protecting your pumping equipment. A combination of different Profile Wire sizes and slot openings can be used depending on your circumstance.
Resin Trap Screen Filter Providing Security For the Media and Resins


Resin traps or media traps should be installed in the product water line of most resin and media-based water treatment equipment like Softeners, Dealkalizers, Condensate Polishers, Demineralizers, Carbon Filters, Sand Filters, Portable DI Tanks, Greensand Filters, and/or Multi-Media Filters.

Also, a resin trap should be considered in the backwash lines of most ion exchange and carbon systems because temperature-related flow changes can cause these expensive materials to be sent down the drain.

RESIN TRAPS applicationRESIN TRAPS for industry filtration

3D Resin Trap

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