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The Filtration of Tailings

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Update time : 2021-02-18 14:44:50
Regarding the treatment of tailings from ore and mineral processing, two aspects are of particular importance: safe and environmentally friendly storage of residues and sustainable use of water. The filtration of tailings, therefore, becomes more and more an indispensable part of the environmental management system of preparation plants. Of course, this requires reliable and cost-efficient filtration technologies.
The Filtration of Tailings

Tailings from the ore and mineral processing such as gold/copper tailings, zinc tailings, gold/silver tailings, etc.

We offer the right filtration solutions for this task. Our wedge wire screen filters have proven their performance in many applications with a variety of tailings. 

Main benefits:
sustainable use of water through recovery and recirculation;
safe and environmentally friendly stacking of dewatered tailings;
low energy consumption;
reducing the amount of binder;
low use of filter aids;
low operating costs;
small footprint, etc.

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