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120 Bent Screens DSM Screens

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Update time : 2024-07-05 14:30:45
120 Bent Screens, or DSM Screens, are a type of sieve bend screen designed to facilitate the separation of solids from liquids or slurries. 

Common DMS screens are 45°, 60°, 120°, 270°, and 300°. Different sieve bend screens are tailored for various process applications. The 120° DSM screen can concentrate pulp, recover, or separate fibers as small as 100 microns from water suspensions.

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Our 120 bent DSM screens are widely used in sugar mill processing, coal mine screening, corn wet mill fiber cleaning, etc. 

The 120 bent DSM screens are manufactured with wedge wire profiles welded on support profiles.  The screens feature a curved or bent shape, which allows for a longer screening surface area, increasing the efficiency of the screening process.

wedge wire 120 bent DSM screens for sugar mill

Features of 120 Bent Screens DSM Screens

▪ Increased screening surface area: The curved design provides a larger surface area, enabling more material to be processed. 
▪ Improved screening efficiency: The screen's bent shape ensures that particles are subjected to consistent pressure, enhancing the separation efficiency. 
▪ Reduced maintenance: The wedge wire design reduces material clogging risk, making maintenance easier and less frequent.
▪ Flexibility: 120 Bent Screens can be tailored to meet specific requirements, including variations in slot size, wire diameter, and screen dimensions. They can be used for mining, quarrying, construction, and recycling.

DSM screen for coal screening

Applications of 120 Bent Screens DSM Screens

Sugar mill
Mining and mineral processing
Waste water cleaning up
120° DSM screen is used for separating water suspension

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