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Basket Filter

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Update time : 2021-12-01 11:27:32
Basket filter is suitable for coarse filtration or low pollution. Dirt accumulates in the basket screen insert and can be easily removed during the cleaning process. But the filter element can also be used for the finest metal fragments: if required, a magnet can be installed in the basket filter.

Application field
Filter elements such as sieve basket filters are indispensable for each filter and are individually adjusted for each application field of our customers. Our screen basket inserts are made of stainless steel wire mesh and perforated plates and can be used for single and double filters. Here, the sieve basket filter is used to filter liquid, viscous and gaseous media, namely liquid, oil or gas.

Our duplex filters are used to filter water, oil and liquid fuels, and other liquids. They can be installed in suction or pressure lines to protect downstream equipment components (valves, pumps, gate valves, pressure gauges, or pipelines). The filter consists of two filter chambers, in which a basket filter can be inserted as a filter element.