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The Benefits of Wedge Wire Mesh Filter

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Update time : 2020-03-18 09:15:41
Five benefits of choosing a wedge wire mesh filter
The application of wedge wire mesh (also known as Johnson mesh) provides a larger opening area per square meter of screen than other traditional methods, so that more water flows in or out with higher efficiency.

Advantages of wedge wire mesh filter
1.Larger flow area
2.Firm structure
3.Filtering precision can be customized
4.Low pressure loss
5.Long life / low maintenance costs
6.Compared with the metal wire mesh or punched wire mesh, the continuous wedge-shaped opening unique to the wedge-shaped mesh produced by UBOW can obtain a larger flow area and a precise filtering gap.

The filtering direction of Wedge wire mesh filter 

Application of wedge wire mesh filter
1.Separation device
3.Media interception
5.Water intake device