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Candle filter–- Filtration, Washing, Drying and Thickening

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Update time : 2022-10-18 09:58:43
Candle Filters are also known as Backwashing Tubular Filters. These candle filters are ideal for either polishing or thickening. 
A candle filter contains multiple mesh candles in the same dimension, which are placed on or screwed on, parallelly. Thus, a large filter area is created for a low construction volume.

The candle filter is a filter that operates in a discontinuous manner. The candle filter elements are arranged vertically in a pressure vessel. The process steps typically performed with candle filters are filtration, washing, drying, and discharge. All these steps take place under pressure. The candle filter is used for the clarification of liquids with a low solids content. 
The candle filter is a compact unit, that operates fully automatically, and enables high throughput rates, dry cake discharge, and a wide range of cake treatment options.

candle filters housing

significantly larger filter area and longer service life (compared to the use of a jacket sieve)
fewer components are required compared to the jacket sieve and cleaning is easier
candle filters can be replaced individually

Separation of Catalysts such as Nickel, Platinum, etc.
Separation of Activated or Charcoal carbon at API plants
Color removal in Veg oil
Resin filtration
Candle filters can be adapted to the most diverse requirements of the industry with practically no restrictions.

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