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Welded Wedge Wire Candle Filter Element Supply

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Update time : 2020-08-21 10:44:35
What is Wedge wire candle filter Cartridge?

It is made of V-shaped wire (surface wire) and support wire. The surface wire is connected with the support rod by electric welding. The strict continuous integrity makes the all-welded wire-wound screen have the capacity to withstand high pressure. , belongs to the form of surface layer filtering.

Wedge wire candle filter cartridge

These filter elements are highly precise, have small slit openings and excellent roundness. The slot tube can be equipped with necessary end caps, flanges, threaded fasteners and the like.

Our range of
welded wedge wire candle filters are ideal for removing particles of very small size upto 10 microns. These filters can be easily washed through a back flush of the steam. We also provide options for different attachments to meet the specific process requirements of the clients.

Cleanable Filter elements.
Smooth filtering surface.
Backwashable wedge wire  tubes.
Easy to clean smooth filtration surface
Outside to inside flow
No moving parts
Permanent Filter element
Fine Filtration down to particles (10 Microns and above)

Advantages of Wedge wire candle filter element:
The Wedge wire filter candle has good roundness, small gap uniformity error, gap control of 20 microns, and tolerance control of 5 microns. The product is not easy to be blocked, has a firm structure, high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good mechanical properties, long service life, safety, and reliability, etc. It can be used for the filtration of various media.

Our Yuanlv Filter is the wedge wire candle filter element factory and exporter in China, so you can custom the products in our factory, we can give you high-quality and low-price products and services.
Wedge wire candle filter element