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Top China Manufacturer & Exporter of Wedge Wire Screen

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Update time : 2020-11-16 09:58:35
The wedge wire screens are finding increasing applications across diverse industries like coal mining, food processing, chemical, cement, sugar, architectural, gas & oil, paper, etc.

Wedge Wire Screen Advantages:
1. They have a wider circulation area comparative
2. They have excellent mechanical strength
3. Wedge wire screens are corrosion and abrasion-resistant
4. They are good to use in a harsh environment and high temperature
5. They adapt different incoming-fluid directions easily

Top China Manufacturer & Exporter of Wedge Wire Screen
What does make wedge wire screens so commonly used?
It is a multi-functional screen widely used because of its clogging resistance and toughness characteristics. It is made of support rods and wires. The combinations of various kinds of support rods, different wire profiles, range of slots, and types of flow direction create a wide range of wedge wire screen suitable for different applications in the industries including water treatment, food processing, beverage, oil & gas, pulp & paper, mineral, etc.

What are the common types of wedge wire screen?
As the demand for wedge wire screens is increasing, the manufacturers of wedge wire screens are expanding the variety also. The more commonly used wedge wire screen types are:
Wedge wire screen flat panels
Welded wedge wire screen
Stainless steel wedge wire screen
Wire stainless steel pipe screen
filter nozzle
sieve bend screen 
Lateral Water Distributor

Can you design a wedge wire screen for the particular specifications?
Although we offer a wide range of custom design of wedge wire screens for diverse applications all across the industries; yet, we facilitate our customers to have the wedge wire screen of particular specifications for a specific application.

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