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Corn Starch Centrifuge Slotted Sieve

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Update time : 2021-09-10 16:41:18
The stainless steel welded slotted screen is a metal mesh structure element used for screening and filtering. It is made of stainless steel (302, 304, 304L, 316, 316L and other material wedge wires), welded by advanced processing technology, strict technology, to ensure product quality, it is different from ordinary stainless steel wire woven mesh, its characteristics are non-slip and hardness Strong, good elasticity, compression resistance, vibration resistance, corrosion resistance, not easy to block, not close together, not affected by temperature, long service life, safety and reliability, and low overall cost. The screen slits are strict and uniform, the opening rate is high, and the screening and filtering process is effective. The screen slits can arbitrarily and can be processed into rigid screening and filtering devices of various shapes.
The main uses of the sieve plate are:
Starch separator: mainly suitable for starch centrifuges, starch vibrating screens (corn starch, soybean starch, sweet potato starch, mung bean starch, tapioca starch, potato starch and other starches can be used) filtration accuracy 25 microns, 50 microns, 75 microns, etc.
Mai Ya machinery: suitable for the use of the selection machine, hair gum bed and drying furnace in the wheat tooth factory.
It has the advantages of high ventilation efficiency and good heat dissipation effect.
Beer machinery: suitable for use in the filter tank of the brewery, with the advantages of high opening rate and long service life.
Mining machinery: used for desliming and dewatering in coal preparation plants.
Environmental protection: It is used to fill oil, gas, and water wells with sand and gravel to prevent sand from the formation and protect downhole and surface equipment. It has the advantages of high opening rate, large filtering area, fast filtering speed and long service life.
Chemical industry and others: used for sewage treatment in sugar factories and paper mills; material filtration and dehydration in fertilizer plants and supporting use in various baking paint rooms; starch filtration in food plants; and ventilation for grain storage.
Our company introduces foreign advanced technology and tooling equipment, systematic technological process and strict quality assurance system to ensure the excellent cost performance of the products. We can produce screen plates with different widths, lengths, slit widths and wedge wire sizes for you according to your filtration requirements and filter materials, and can also add flanges according to requirements.
The trapezoidal wire mesh produced by our company uses 304 stainless steel and 316L stainless steel as raw materials. The product has high corrosion resistance, shock resistance and wear resistance. The product filtration accuracy is 40~2000 mesh (2~0.01mm), which can be customized according to customer needs. Set the specification of the wire and the specification of the gap by yourself, the product advantages are as follows:
1. V-shaped wire structure, the narrow lower screen on the screen has the advantage of easy backwashing and not easy to block.
2. The material is made of 304 stainless steel 316L stainless steel wire produced by Shanxi Taigang, wear resistance and compression resistance is three times that of other similar stainless steel wires
3. The grid filter precision can be as small as 10 microns, this technology is internationally level
4. The surface of the product is smooth, without burrs, and smooth like a mirror
5. The products are exported to European and American countries for a long time, and the quality is guaranteed