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Crude Prefiltration with Sieve Bend Filter Screen

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Update time : 2022-07-12 13:30:29
The sieve bend screen – also called bend screen – comprises a curved screen for filtration. The bend screen provides filtration by guiding the particles along with the curved sieve filter screen.

In some horticultural growing systems applying recirculation, large volumes of rainwater are produced. Particles and fibers flush with the drain water from for example tray- and container fields in strawberry and ornamental horticulture as these crops are still grown on peat or coir. Before collecting the water in a filthy drain silo it is necessary to remove these particles.

A sieve bend screen filter can be placed on top of a silo and separates the floating organic material from the drain water. Without this filtration step, the silo would pollute quickly.

sieve bend screen

Sieve bend screen filters are made in several shapes and sizes.  We are able to manufacture using different kinds of materials and grades depending on your request. Also, special surface treatments are available for your application of the wedge wire screen.

We are capable of manufacturing sieve wedge wire screens in customized dimensions, radii and lengths with skilled engineering and precise production.

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