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Lauter Tun False Bottom in Brewery

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Update time : 2020-07-17 11:47:06
Lauter Tun is a vessel for separating the wort from the solids of the mash. 

Lautering is the process of separating sweet wort from mashed grain. Most homebrewers mash and lauter in the same vessel, a combination mash-and-lauter tun (MLT), while large commercial breweries usually pump the mash to a dedicated lauter tun, thus making the mash tun available to start a new brew.

Lauter Tun False Bottom in Brewery

A lauter tun works much like a large sieve. It normally has a slotted, perforated floor, also called a false bottom, which holds the spent milled grains, while allowing the wort to filter through the grain bed and collect in the space beneath.

The lauter tun consists of a large vessel to hold the mash, a false bottom, and a manifold to allow the wort to recirculate and clarify. 

The false bottom is standard in commercial breweries and very common in homebrew systems as well.

Wedge wire screen is best suited to those false bottom, wedge wire screen Lauter Tun false bottom is 100% stainless steel construction, and easily spent grain removal, can make evenly distributed wort collection, it is suited for brewery making.

 wedge wire screen Lauter Tun false bottom