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False Bottom Screen

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Update time : 2022-02-10 15:29:22
False bottom screen is also called filter groove wedge wire screen
Stainless steel wedge wire false bottom for mash pit/lauter pit/mash pit screen/lauter pit screen/brewery screen/wedge wire V-shaped false bottom/wedge false bottom
Material: SS304, SS316L
The Lauter Tun container is used in the craft beer brewing process between the mashtun and the brewing jug. filter will
Barley husks from clear liquid wort. The barley husk provides a natural filter bed through which the wort is filtered and drained from the filter tank as a clear liquid.
Lauter Tun Wedge Wire Screen False Bottom
Wedge wire mesh is the false bottom of choice for filter tanks in many breweries.
Stainless steel wedge wire mesh can be made in sections to fit any walkway.
The filter/masher screen is custom made to your specifications. These wedge wire screens can be built as one piece/screens or sections to fit any size walkway and are designed to be placed on ledges inside tanks/jugs.
Improve efficiency and filtration speed with our wedgeline false bottom. The term "wedge wire" means that the top of the false bottom has a very thin gap to let water through, but the wire narrows down (and therefore wider) to better facilitate the flow of wort. Many false bottoms in small mash buckets are domed - this one has a flat shape, which means the bed of particles inside the kettle is uniform in depth. Compared to a perforated false bottom, the smaller, longer shape of the gap in the false bottom means that fewer particles will slip through the gap.