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Filter Basket

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Update time : 2022-01-25 14:38:14
Manufactured using stainless steel wedge wire and custom flanges and housings
Our unique filter baskets, combined with our special wedge wire profiles, are manufactured for each specific application. Rigorous manufacturing standards allow us to produce top-performing products.
The combination of high-quality materials, precise grooves and maximum open area ensure an optimised design with low wear characteristics, resulting in extended service life.

Multiple applications
Our wedge wire mesh baskets are an excellent choice for applications where perforated mesh baskets do not provide sufficient open area and where woven mesh baskets are not suitable for the required differential pressure.

The benefits of our filter baskets include:
Extend product life and improve efficiency
Able to withstand higher pressures than mesh or perforated sheet
Higher percentage of open area compared to other materials
very low pressure loss
Can be used on most high nickel alloys for use in highly corrosive environments
Ideal for self-cleaning applications in filters and filters
Naturally anti-clogging
Durable in extreme conditions
Consistent slot size

Typical application industry
water treatment
Wastewater treatment
Petroleum and natural gas
power generation
food and drinks
Pulp and Paper

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