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Do You Know the Filter Disc ?

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Update time : 2020-01-14 14:40:33
Filter discs, used in most extruders, are usually square mesh. The purpose of filter discs is to filter out contaminants and also to build up pressure in the extruder.

Typically, the filter discs are supported on a breaker plate, a perforated steel disk that prevents the discs from being pushed into the head and die and serving as a seal between the head section and the extruder barrel.

There are many names for filter discs, including extruder screen, spot-welded and aluminum bound screen packs, Circular Extruder Screens, Multilayer Circular Extruder Screens, multiple screen packs, plain discs, wire mesh discs, wire mesh circle. etc.

We can supply the following types of filter discs:
Layer: single layer or multilayer
Material: stainless steel wire mesh, single, multilayer, sintered filter discs
Shape: round, circular, semicircle, oval, rectangle, etc
Form: spot welded, framed 

Steel is the typical metal used in filter disc. Stainless steel is more expensive but is good material to avoid problems with rust.
Filter discs mesh varies from 10 to 500 or more—10 mesh is coarse; 40 to 60 mesh is intermediate, and 100 to 500mesh is a fine mesh.

The spot welded filter discs is excellent for filtration use. It stops single screen filters being placed into the extruder incorrectly.
For example a filter disc having three layers of mesh could consist of a 30mesh / 40mesh / 30mesh; meaning that whichever way the wire mesh filter is placed into the extruder head, it will work correctly.