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Stainless Steel Filter Strainer Elements

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Update time : 2020-01-10 14:03:41

Stainless steel filter elements are comprised of five layers of 316 mesh, sintered together to form an integrated porous element. The middle mesh is of very fine gauge and determines the filtration rate, with five inner and outer layers of coarser mesh overlaid to give support and protection.

5-Layer Sintered Filter Elements

The middle mesh determines the filtration rate and is overlaid with inner and outer layers of coarser mesh to give support.

These sintered filter elements are very useful in heavily contaminated applications and for use as pre-filters placed before disposable type final filters. Seals are required with the options of Viton, PTFE or copper-alloy seals for high temperature applications.


Single Layer Mesh Filter Elements

Consisting of a single layer of 316 woven wire mesh, these stainless steel filter elements are ideal for applications where a low cost stainless steel filter alternative is required. Due to the method of construction, single layer filter elements do not require seals.

Sintered Powder Filter Elements

These stainless steel filter elements are composed of sintered powdered 316L material. These can be supplied to order in a wide range of diameters and lengths.

Special Sizes

Special size filter elements can also be manufactured by Classic Filters in a wide range of different diameters and lengths.
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