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Filter Underdrain System and Strainers

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Update time : 2022-10-25 10:47:16
YUBO manufactures the broadest line of nozzles, strainers, and accessories for any type of nozzle-based filter underdrain.  
Filter Underdrain System and Strainers
Nozzle-Based Filter Systems & Nozzle Products
When it comes to filter performance of a nozzle underdrain system, it is vital that the nozzles being used are properly designed to meet your filter specifications in Water & Wastewater Treatment.  Our robust, yet flexible, design provides an optimal solution for conventional water treatment, wastewater tertiary filtration, biologically active filtration, GAC adsorption and ion exchange, as well as denitrification.

Nozzle-Based Filter Systems Nozzle Products
Header-Lateral Underdrain
Used in pressure vessels and in concrete-tank media filters, the header-lateral underdrain is a manifold system consisting of one or more larger-diameter header pipes, each with numerous smaller-diameter lateral pipes extending typically both horizontally and perpendicularly on both sides of the header pipe.

Header-Lateral Underdrain

Tank Internals
We manufacturer tank internals for smaller, commercial-sized applications, such as swimming pool filters and water softeners.  Our hub and laterals, tank heads, distributors, and drains are used for both collection and distribution systems.