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Nozzle, diffuser or distributor for water filter

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Update time : 2022-08-02 17:05:25
Wedge wire slotted nozzles are used for the retention of granular media in water treatment equipment. These media can be of any type, such as activated carbon, silica sand, ion exchange resins, green sand, MTM, Birm, and pyrolusite, among others.

Due to their application in the food and beverage industry, they are manufactured in type 316 stainless steel. This material has the advantage, compared to plastic nozzles, of being temperature resistant, which allows the sanitization of the equipment by means of steam.

In addition to the retention function, the micro-slotted nozzles provide good drainage and adequate flow distribution, both in equipment working under pressure and in those working by gravity.

wedge wire screen filter nozzles
The micro-slit through which the fluid flows has a “V” shaped cut, with the most closed part towards the outside of the nozzle. This design prevents clogging.

Stainless steel filter nozzles are used in liquid/solid separation, and their design and quantity will vary depending on the application and flow requirements. 

YUBO provides a wide range of industrial water filter nozzles and lateral distributors for water treatment. 

We are specializing in the production of Stainless steel filter nozzles and Distributor or Collector systems.

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