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Update time : 2022-01-05 16:34:50
Designed with your operation in mind, Our DSM Screens are a curved concave wedge bar type of stationary screen made to be rugged, compact, efficient and easy to operate.
With no moving parts, these screens require minimal maintenance. Our full line of gravity-fed DSM Screens are available in the following types: 45°, 60°, 120°, 270°, 300°, and rapifine. They are often used in the following industries: mineral processing, chemical, food and pulp and paper.

Each of these screen sizes has been tailored for a variety of process applications. For example, the 45° DSM Screen is best suited for thickening and screening, whereas the 120° type DSM Screen is capable of thickening pulp, recovering fibre, or separating fibre as small as 100 microns in length from a water suspension. It is very compact and requires minimal maintenance.

The DSM's unique screen plate is made of wedge bars forming a bowed surface with horizontal slots between the bars. Normal slot width is 100 or 150 microns.

The flow to be screened is fed through a low-pressure nozzle which distributes the flow tangentially over the full screen width by means of an adjustable slice that optimises feed velocity. As the suspension flows along the screen plate, thin layers of water are "sliced off" by the screen bars and pass through the slots together with fine particles.

Goodbye high-maintenance: a DSM Screen made to save space and money

Designed with you in mind, our DSM Screens are meant to be not only compact, rugged, and durable, but also extremely efficient and easy to use. Additionally, they are low cost and low maintenance. Because our DSM Screens have no moving parts, they require very little maintenance. This also makes them lower in cost.

Since our DSM Screens are compact, they'll leave ample space for other parts and machines. Their relatively low cost means you'll have more funds to spend on the bigger-picture elements of your operation.

DSM Screens: your permanent, low-maintenance screening solution In your search for the most reliable and highest quality DSM Screens, there are a number of features that are high on your priority list.

You want a supplier that offers screens in many types so that you can find the right fit for your machine and use case. You demand a solution that is low maintenance and compact. These are just some of the features that come standard with our DSM Screens. Here is a larger list of all the features of our DSM Screens:

High capacity
Permanent screen media
No moving parts
Little space needed
Low equipment and installation costs
Low maintenance costs
Insensitive to changes in consistency or freeness
Operating flexibility due to adjustable slice