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How barbecue accessories prevent container seepage?

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Update time : 2020-03-12 15:45:06
Barbecue smoker pipe/tube, barbecue net refers to the production of metal wire mesh, used in restaurants, restaurants, barbecue shops, picnic, camping, military, tourism and other activities of pasta, meat, fish barbecue, steaming, smoking appliance. Among them, stainless steel grill nets and smoke pipes are the most common, and they sell well in Japan, Canada, Argentina and other parts of the world.
Our products are made of high quality stainless steel. Material for barbecue grills: medium carbon steel wire, stainless steel 304. Its natural enemy is rust and rust when it is wet. The rusted barbecue net is the most serious quality problem, so the environment for storing the barbecue net must be dry and ventilated.
If it is maritime transportation, it will inevitably face the humidity of the sea, that is, the container seeps rain, the internal temperature of the container loaded with the grill net is higher, and the external temperature of the container is lower, so the internal and external temperature difference is formed, and the container is not sealed When water vapor enters the container and the temperature difference between the inside and outside forms water droplets, then the water droplets accumulate more and more and cause the barbecue grill carton to become wet. This is the most terrible barbecue grill container seepage rain.
Once the container seeps rain, the company will face accusations and claim customers, so it is important that we do well in advance to prevent containers.
Not only the product quality is clear, but also the logistics and transportation are extremely rigorous. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.