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How to install the seal when installing the stainless steel filter element

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Update time : 2019-11-18 14:07:34
We are often asked why our stainless steel filter cartridges need to be sealed? That is because the five layers of filter elements are sintered together, thus forming a rigid structure that, unlike disposable filter elements, cannot be axially compressed. seal.
There are many types of seals, please see the datasheet here for details.
Flat seal
These flat seals must be located on the filter housing head insert and component holder when the filter element is installed. Care must be taken to ensure that the seal is properly seated and that the seal covers the end of the filter element. The component holder is then screwed onto the drawbar and the seal is compressed to form a seal.
High temperature and PTFE seal
These seal types are machined from solid bars into L-shaped sections and are located at the ends of the filter element to help hold the filter element in place when the filter element is installed.
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