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Kitchen Gods Day

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Update time : 2020-01-17 10:50:14
Kitchen God’s Day falls on the 23rd or 24th of the twelfth month of the lunar year. according to tradition, kitchen god who in charge of the fate of the whole family goes back to heaven during the Spring Festival to deliver what the family had done the last year to the great god. According to Kitchen God's words, the great god makes decision to reward or punish the family in the next year. In other words, it is the day people honor the kitchen god. People usually made sugared melons with malt sugar on that day. We hope the kitchen god will eat sugared melons and put a good word for our family to the great, so we'll be lucky next year.

And there is a story about the Kitchen God’s Day.

Legend has it that there is a god of three corpses. He often gives a small report to the Jade Emperor and speaks ill of the world. In a short time, the Jade Emperor received many tips from him that the world was going against heaven.
When the Jade Emperor was angry, he immediately summoned the three corpses and ordered him to write down their crimes on the wall of the house where the Jade Emperor spoke ill, and then let the spider form a big net and hang it under the eaves. On New Year's Eve, the Jade Emperor ordered Wang Lingguan to go down to the lower bounds. Everyone who saw the three corpses marked by the gods would be chop off. Seeing that the conspiracy was about to succeed, the three corpses could monopolize the good world, and went down to earth quickly, marking the walls of every family. Kitchen King discovered the plot of the three corpses, and rushed to the Kitchen King of each family to discuss countermeasures: from the date of kitchen delivery, the home was cleaned clean before New Year's Eve. When Wang Lingguan visited the lower boundaries on New Year's Eve, he found that every household was clean, without any marks, and the people were safe and hard working. The Jade Emperor learned from the mouths of Wang Lingguan and Zaojun that the three corpse gods wronged good people and were furious, and kept the three corpse gods in prison forever.
Since then, the kind-hearted Kitchen King has been welcomed by everyone.
Every year, on the 23rd of December, the Kitchen is sacrificed to the Kitchen. Twenty-four dust-sweeping has also become a folk custom. There are many kinds of folk activities in the early years, mostly to prepare for the New Year, and clipping window decorations is one of them.