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Lastest wedge wire filter screen pipes produced

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Update time : 2020-03-27 09:41:38
Johnson wedge wire pipe adopts the world's most advanced full-wound welding production process, and special stainless steel trapezoidal (wedge) wire windings are welded on a set of longitudinal support rods arranged in a circle to ensure its strength. As well as the service life, it has the characteristics of a smooth pipe surface, no production edge, no burr, uniform gap, and no leakage.
This is the latest batch of wedge wire filter screen pipes produced by our factory. The surface is smooth and flat, the filter gap is strict, the packaging is strong and reliable, and it is ready to be sent to customers.
Customized service, the advantage is that each product is in line with customer requirements, and each product is customized production
Wedge wire filter screen custom service, welcome to contact us factory.
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