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Cleaning process of surgical instruments

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Update time : 2019-12-09 10:35:57
The surgical instruments should be washed under water immediately after use, and the earlier the washing, the better, so as to remove the blood and other stains on the surface. Then add 3.75ml (RUHOF) of multienzyme cleaning agent into 1000ml of water for ultrasonic cleaning, thoroughly wash the residual multienzyme cleaning agent on the instrument with running water, wash it with sterilized distilled water, take it out, dry it with a blower and wipe it with alcohol, then store it. After the equipment that is not often used is dried thoroughly, a small amount of water-soluble lubricant is applied at the coupling to maintain the equipment. For expensive and sharp equipment, add protective cover after drying.

The Stainless Steel Medical Corner Disinfection Basket is suitable for cleaning and disinfection of medical and beauty equipment. It can be used for disinfection and sterilization of articles, ultrasonic cleaning, storage, and application, especially for cleaning and sterilization of surgical instruments and treatment instruments together in the instrument tray. It is suitable for medical units, hospital departments such as operating room, supply room, disinfection room, dental clinic, ward, and other medical institutions and departments to select high-quality 304 / 316 stainless steel cleaning baskets. Strong and durable, suitable for hospital equipment. It is a necessary commodity for the operating room and disinfection supply room. It is used for packing, cleaning, and disinfection of operating instruments in operating rooms and supply rooms of hospitals and other medical units.
After all kinds of needles and perfusion tubes are used, first wash them with water (the needles and perfusion tubes contacting silicone oil need to be rubbed with ether and injected into the lumen for several times to completely dissolve silicone oil), then immerse them in multi-enzyme solution (the lumen needs to be filled) for several minutes, pull them out and wash them with a large amount of water, then immerse them in sterilized distilled water for 10 minutes, and then use high-pressure water gun to kill the lumen of needles The washing volume shall not be less than 150ml, and the high-pressure air gun shall be dried until there is no visible water drop and put into the needle disinfection box to send it to the supply room for high-pressure steam sterilization. For special instruments and pipelines, the diamond blade head needs to be washed by high-pressure water, and the ultrasonic handle needs to be washed by a special cleaning brush. It is strictly prohibited to use the ultrasonic cleaner to avoid permanent damage to the handle.

There are various commonly used standards for the scale of stainless steel medical corner disinfection basket, which can also be customized according to the size of the machine. Tray skills of hole instruments: select medical surgical instruments grade steel, corrosion-resistant, rustproof. The side surface of the basket body is an integrated punching steel plate with dense and even mesh. Uniform mesh facilitates the penetration and cleaning of the sterilization medium. The dense mesh can be used to prevent the blunt destruction of surgical instruments caused by the too large mesh. The hidden handle can take and move the surgical instruments without hindering their placement.