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Papermaking Screens – the essential tool of the papermaker

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Update time : 2023-04-24 14:14:00

Wedge wire screen basket filter strainer solutions for papermaking screen

Papermakers need fiber, water, and some sort of sieve or screen. Screens might be made from cloth, bamboo, bronze, nylon mesh, hardware cloth, or heat-shrinking polypropylene. Whatever material is used, papermaking screens all achieve the same purpose, which is capturing fibers while letting water drain through.

The papermaking screen is the ‘essential tool of the papermaker.’

Look at the modern papermaking machine and you see similarities to the hand papermaking process using water, fiber, and a screen. 

Today, forming fabric is woven on high-speed, state-of-the-art looms with synthetic threads and weaving patterns designed to produce different kinds of paper. Wedge wire slot papermaking screens brought huge savings to the paper industry with screening that lasts longer and is easier to keep clean than metal. 

wedge wire slot Papermaking Screens basket

The screen basket (wedge wire strainer screen filter basket) is used to screen the pulp before the paper machine. The pulping pressure is stable and pulsed. Its structure is simple, and easy to use, its screening effect is good, and the output is high, so as to give play to the good performance of the screen drum and achieve a good screening effect. The papermaking screen basket adopts a mechanical method to realize the connection with the supporting structure. Compared with ordinary screening tool screen baskets, its slitting rate is high, the production capacity is greatly improved, and the power consumption is lower.

The main features of the wedge wire papermaking screen basket:

1. High screening efficiency

2. The screen basket filter has a long service life

3. No clogging when sieving the pulp

4. It can replace low-pulse sieve

5. The pulp quality is good

6. Low maintenance cost

7. The size of papermaking screen basket can be customed.

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