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Stainless Steel Perforated Filter Element

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Update time : 2022-07-19 14:50:37

Stainless Steel Perforated Filter Elements – Perfect Filter Precision and Strength

Perforated filter elements are made of stainless steel. With accurate filter precision and high anti-corrosion performance, perforated filter elements can filter solid, liquid, gas, and others. They are widely applied to rubber, plastic industry, sewage treatment, petroleum, chemical industry, machinery, ships, vehicle industry, food making, and where the possibility of needing to filter accurately.

Generally, perforated filter elements can be divided into six types according to shape:
Cylinder perforated filter elements.
Cone perforated filter elements.
Basket perforated filter elements.
Y-type perforated filter elements.
Sintered and specially shaped perforated filter elements.
Stainless Steel Perforated Filter Elements

Our wire mesh stainless steel filters are useful in a wide range of applications that require a variety of openings. These stainless mesh filters can be used in conjunction with perforated metal filters. Stainless wire mesh filters are ideal for filtration used in adverse environmental conditions, such as jet engine lubricant filters or high-pressure hydraulic filters.

Stainless wire mesh is durable, cleanable, and reusable making it an economical choice for most filtering projects.

Stainless steel filters are available in many configurations. Stainless mesh is very pliable, allowing it to be worked into the custom shapes that are required by our customers. Please contact us to get more information or leave a message to us directly.