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Perforated Metal Sheets for Grains Drying Cleaning Screening

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Update time : 2021-12-29 10:52:18
Currently, perforated metal sheets are widely used in the industry, agriculture, construction, brewing, greening, and grain screening industries. Perforated metal sheets play three important roles in the grain industry, that is drying and screening.

Roles One- Grains Drying
In ingrain drying machines, the air continuously passes through the perforated metal sheets, keeping the grain fresh and drying quickly. By improving ventilation in grain bins, grains can remove moisture quickly and prevent bacterial growth. Therefore, grains are stored in good conditions as seeds, thereby leading to greater grain yield.
Roles Two- Grains Cleaning
Perforated metal grains cleaning machine will remove straw, chaff, weed, seeds, soil, rubbish, and other unwanted materials, so that it improves the storability of the crop, reduce price penalties at the time of milling and improve milling output and quality.
Roles Three- Grains Screening sifting
When storing grains, impurities such as debris, pebbles, and particles may be mixed in. Hammermill screens, by determining the holes size of the perforated sheet mesh according to the size of the grain to screen the impurities out, smaller materials such as weed seeds, soil particles, and stones can be sieved from the grain through a smaller sized screen, so that perforated metal screens will be ensuring the cleanliness of the grains.
Rich choice of the mesh size and shapes
The round holes and oblong holes are required widely. We are pleased to find the right solution to your needs, keeping on making precision and uniformity quality for the grains industry. Standard type and tailor-made patterns are available from us. Contact Us