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Polyurethane Screen for Coal Mine Screening

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Update time : 2024-05-10 14:45:22
The main component of a polyurethane screen is a polyurethane compound wear-resistant, lightweight, and has high screening efficiency. It is very suitable for coal mine screening.

Polyurethane Screen, Polyurethane Screen Panel

Challenges Faced by Coal Mine Screening

1. Various specifications and size options
Traditional standard woven wire screens are only available in specific opening sizes, typically in increments of 1/16 inch. They cannot fulfill the requirement for more precise coal screening.
2. Screen clogging problem
The lightweight and relatively soft nature of coal leads to numerous fines that adhere to the screen surface, resulting in clogging issues. This can significantly impact the quality and quantity of the final screened product.
3. Reduce the frequency of screen replacement
In screening applications, mines place great emphasis on reducing the frequency of screen replacements. Frequent screen replacements greatly increase the cost and reduce the efficiency of coal mine screening.

Polyurethane Screen for Coal Mine Screening

Polyurethane screens are the best choice for coal mine screening. 
It is available in various sizes, possesses a self-cleaning function when combined with wedge wire screens, and offers a long service life with infrequent replacements. 

Other Benefits of Polyurethane Screen for Coal Mine Screening

▪ Abrasion Resistance
Polyurethane screens excel in abrasive environments, prolonging their lifespan and reducing maintenance costs.
▪ High Screening Efficiency
The design of polyurethane screens, with their precise apertures and self-cleaning properties, ensures efficient screening of coal particles. This leads to increased throughput and better product quality.
▪ Flexibility and Customization
Polyurethane screens can be customized to fit various screening equipment and applications. Whether it's scalping, sizing, or dewatering, these screens can be tailored to specific requirements, optimizing the screening process.
▪ Reduced Downtime
Due to their durability and resistance to wear and tear, polyurethane screens reduce downtime caused by maintenance and replacements. This translates to continuous operations and improved productivity.
▪ Noise Reduction
Polyurethane screens are quieter compared to metal screens, contributing to a more comfortable and safer working environment for personnel.

Cone Mine Polyurethane Screen Factory in China

We can custom design various polyurethane screens for coal mine screening, such as modular polyurethane screens, tensioned polyurethane screens, polyurethane dewatering screens, and steel core polyurethane screens.

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