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Resin Traps--Cost-Effective Filter Insurance

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Update time : 2020-07-21 15:07:20
Resin traps (or media traps) that are prevention devices on water treatment system lines to ensure against complete loss of media in the event of a failure. 

Resin traps are designed and installed to prevent the loss of media in the event of underdrain failure, lateral failure, and strainer failure.

Resin traps media traps application
Resin Traps----Cost-Effective Filter Insurance
A resin trap is always to protect you against losses – gradual resin loss that may escape your notice as well as a catastrophe that sends a large amount of resin down the line unexpectedly.

Resin Traps Prevent:
Loss of expensive resin
Cross-contamination of resin
Damage to equipment further down the line
Costly downtime and process disturbance

Our resin traps are designed manufactured to meet your specific needs. So you can contact us if you need some.

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