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Find the Right Filter Housing for You

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Update time : 2022-06-14 15:46:20

Self-cleaning filters to remove contamination and oversize materials from your liquid products.

Self-cleaning filters are designed for the removal of oversize and contamination from liquids. The mechanism of the automatic self-cleaning filter allows liquid to be filtered through the machine in a continuous flow, while the mechanical scrapers on the inside of the filter remove oversize materials.

With a wide range of self-cleaning industrial filters to suit your unique processing requirements, you can rest assured that your liquid products will be free from contamination. Whether you are filtering liquid chocolate, removing contamination from your liquid paint, or looking to protect upstream equipment, there are suit filter solutions and filter products.

Benefits of Self Cleaning filters

self-cleaning industrial filters
1. Increase your production rates - With our unique self-cleaning design, there are no stoppages to change filter elements and no slowing of throughput as filter elements block.

2. Improve your product quality - Our self-cleaning filters are totally enclosed so no product contamination is possible.

3. Reduce your costs - There are no continual costs of replacing filter media and no disposal costs. You will also see a reduction in wasted liquid products, labor costs, and downtime.

4. Safeguard the health and safety of your operators - our industrial filters are totally enclosed, which means no fumes and limited operator exposure to liquid.

In addition, we provide the other filters and more filter elements (wedge wire screen filter )

Titanium Rod FilterTitanium Rod Filter

The superb production technology, special production process and the performance characteristics of titanium itself make the titanium metal powder sintered filter element have excellent performance


Bag FilterBag Filter

Bag filters includes single-bag filters, multi-bag filters, and multi-bag filters.


Suctorial Type Backwash FilterBackwash Filter

The suction backwash filter is an industrial automatic filter that provides a variety of comprehensive applications, especially for ships and offshore platforms.