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Solvent Filtration Solution Custom for Produce Process

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Update time : 2022-12-26 11:21:47
Solvents filtration: The scraper filter housings can filter such high-viscosity liquids, and deformation is less likely to occur even after liquid has passed through.

Solvents are widely used in manufacturing and cleaning processes e.g. pharmaceutical, cosmetics, paints, inks, degreasing, chemical manufacturing, etc. and filtration is frequently used for particulate removal, polishing, and regeneration. Solvents are usually hazardous and designing a filtration system for filtering solvents requires careful consideration. When designing or specifying filters for solvent applications, we take the following factors into account:

Application requirements
Micron rating and degree of filtration required, hygienic or industrial application, single-use or multi-pass, batch or continuous.

Process conditions
Flashpoint, vapor pressure, and fluid state of solvents are carefully assessed before making a selection.

PED compliance
We use solvent data to establish correct fluid groups and categories for PED compliance. All filter housings are fully compliant with the Pressure Equipment Directive.

Material Compatibility
We check the material compatibilities of all wetted parts to ensure that offered materials will retain their physical properties during operation. Our standard material of construction for filter housings is Stainless Steel which is compatible with a wide range of solvents. Filter elements are available on Stainless Steel/wedge wire screens.

Filters for solvent filtration
Bag filter housings and filter screen–wedge wire screen
Industrial solvent cartridge filters
Self-cleaning filters
Basket filters for coarse or prefiltration
Custom filtration solution

Advantages of filter housings:
Excellent Pressure Resistance
Stable Filtration Accuracy
Handling a Wide Variety of Applications
Also Suitable for Filtering High-Viscosity Liquids
From Selection to Scale-Up of Filters

Solvent Filtration Solution Custom for Produce Process