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Overview of Stainless Steel Filter Nozzle

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Update time : 2019-12-19 16:46:08
Stainless Steel Filter Nozzle, also known as filter cap or drain cap, is made of stainless steel and plastic pp. here we talk about Stainless Steel Filter Nozzle, which replaces the traditional plastic water cap of water treatment equipment. The poor strength, pressure resistance, temperature resistance and aging resistance of plastic water cap, especially the weak point of poor strength, is easy to crack, which brings hidden danger to the safe operation of the equipment.
1. Specification and characteristics of Stainless Steel Filter Nozzle
The Stainless Steel Filter Nozzle can help users to solve the problem of the advantages of the original plastic water cap. Its water cap series products are: single head pipe water cap, double head pipe water cap, long handle water cap, double-flow speed water cap, single flow speed water cap, flat water cap, and other water caps. It is characterized by large circulation area, anti-aging, good pressure resistance, long service life, almost no damage, safe and reliable, low comprehensive cost, which is the choice of water treatment equipment industry and power industry.
2. Advantages and economic analysis of Stainless Steel Filter Nozzle
Although the unit price of stainless steel trapezoid wire wound water cap is several times higher than that of plastic water cap, its advantages far exceed its value. After replacing the Stainless Steel Filter Nozzle, it will hardly be damaged and has a long service life. The original plastic water cap is easy to crack and run off the resin, which will also endanger the safety of the system. If an ion exchanger loses about 20000 yuan of resin in a year due to water cap cracks, and the total amount of water cap for replacing an ion exchanger is 20000 yuan, the investment for technical transformation of replacing the stainless steel water cap can be recovered within one year.
3. Stainless Steel Filter Nozzle materials: 304, 316L, 311, 403, etc.
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