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Stainless Steel Wedge Wire For Chemicals Production

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Update time : 2021-06-23 11:01:25
Stainless steel wedge wire is not only widely used in the Food and Beverage industry but also in various industries one of which is the Chemical or Pharmaceutical industry. Below are some areas in the industry where wedge screen may be used.

Production of Fertilizer
One of the areas that use metal wedge mesh is in the production of fertilizers. Fertilizers are used to enhance and improve soil conditions to increase food production and often involves mixing several chemical compounds such as nitrogen, potassium and nitrogen together to create a suitable environment for plants to grow. To mix the compounds, all chemicals are granulated inside a rotating drum. Once the compounds are grounded, these will pass through a metal wedge mesh to separate bigger sized particles from the smaller ones. Once the desired product and quality is manufactured, final testing is done to ensure that each composite fertilizer meets and exceeds the industry’s specifications.
Purification of Phosphates
Stainless steel wedge wire are also useful when it comes to purification of phosphate compounds. Crude phosphoric acids are purified using a mixture of organic solvent as base. The mixture is then mixed with NaOH after which the solvent or acid phase is again withdrawn to NaH2PO4 to pass from the water solvent phase to a purer form. Pure phosphate is achieved when organic and inorganic impurities are eliminated from the solvent solution via filtering of the compounds with the use of wedge screen.

Paint and Coat Processing
Paints consist of several compounds including resins, pigments and solvents. To formulate a paint, manufacturing companies mix these three compounds together. Resins can come from different materials but are used as binders for the paint. The pigment on the other hand gives the paint the color and the solvents are used to give the paint its viscosity which makes it easier to apply. Pigment powders are run through filtration or metal wedge mesh to ensure that all solid particles are broken down before they are mixed with the other components.

Polymerization Processing
Stainless steel wedge wire screens are also beneficial in the polymerization processing industry. The screens are efficient filtration units that help segregate different polymers to their respective areas of application. Thermoplastics, which are pliable polymers use screens to extrude and shape the polymers to their respective shapes.
Potassium Purification
Purification of chemical compounds depends on the amount of impurities that one wants to eliminate from the chemicals; that said, potassium purification is the easiest process as recrystallization is used to target the purification of the potassium. The compound is dissolved in a hot solvent and readily cooled down. The dissolved solution would crystallize leaving the compound alone. Filters made of metal wedge mesh are used to eliminate the impurities leaving the purified compound.

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