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Wedge wire Filter Nozzle for Filtration

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Update time : 2022-09-06 13:51:26
What is a wedge wire Filter Nozzle?

Wedge wire is a unique screening and filtration material used in many industries. It is made by precisely welding V-shaped (or “wedge” shaped) profiles onto support profiles at set distances. The gaps between the wedges allow liquid to pass through, while anything too large is trapped on the other side. Unlike mesh, these gaps are continuous along the entire length of the filter.

Wedge wire filter nozzles are used in liquid/solid separation, and their design and quantity will vary depending on the application and flow requirements. 

Material: SS304/316L/321/904L Duplex 2205/2507, Hastelloy, Titanium TA2

The picture of factory production:
stainless steel filter nozzlewedge wire screenwater filter nozzle factoryfilter water nozzle from China factory