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Wedge Wire Filter Strainer for Desalination Plant Filtration

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Update time : 2023-03-06 14:28:59
The design and versatility of wedge wire filter strainer products make them an ideal component for Desalination Plant Filtration.

Wedge Wire filters are manufactured by an exclusive process of continuously welding an outer profile wire circumferentially in a helix pattern to a series of longitudinal support rods.
Stainless steel wedge wire screens are welded at each intersection of V-shaped surface wire and support rod for optimum structural strength.

wedge wire filter elements advantage

The precisely spaced narrow slot openings between V-shaped wires only allow two-point particle contact. The larger solids accumulate on the solid surface to produce a "cake" that provides filtration for finer particulate. Finer particles that pass through the cake do not get stuck in the slots.

V-shaped wires provide the filtration.

Wedge wire filters offer almost endless cleanability via backwashing. By reversing the flow, the cake and filtered particles are removed.

Wedge wire filters offer almost endless cleanability via backwashing

High-Performance Filtration for Desalination Plant Filtration Applications

If your process involves any aspect of fluid/solid separation, we have the stainless steel filter elements products and experience to help you achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

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Strainer baskets
High-pressure cylindrical screens
Resin traps
Filter nozzles
Custom-designed filter parts

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In addition to the showed filter range, we can also manufacture Custom Made with deviating specifications at the customer’s request.

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