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Wedge Wire Rotating Drum Screen for Sugar Mill

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Update time : 2021-07-07 13:53:50
The revolving drum screen is a mechanical self-cleaning gadget that was produced to meet the developing need and interest for a proficient and practical technique for expelling suspended solids from mixed fluid streams. The ceaseless and self-cleaning impact of the turning screens makes it conceivable to utilize higher stream limits than those of some other kind of screen hence bringing about generous funds for both speculation and upkeep. In run-of-the-mill sustain circumstances, the bolster is pumped onto within the trommel drum, which permits the fluid and littler fiber or solids to go through the screen. The larger than usual fiber or solids move over the wedge wire surface to the release end of the drum. Trommel drums can be made in ASTM 304 stainless steel or ASTM 316 stainless steel points of interest of the turning trommel screen are that extensive streams can be pumped over a scope of screen drum gap measure. The screen surface can likewise be cleaned as the screen drum turns to display a spotless surface to the approaching food. In the sugar business pivoting Cush screens are broadly utilized for the partition of sugar juice from stick fiber. Contingent upon the business, stream rate, and material to be isolated, trommel cush screens can be made in an extensive scope of widths, lengths, openings and wedge wires. The turning trommel drum is utilized for isolating solids from fluids or solids from solids in dry sustain applications.

Rotational Drum Screen Main highlights:

Channels are made of the remarkable attachment safe Vee-Wire ,difficult blockage;

Channel surface smooth, no edges;

Channel Easy cleaning;

Channel inward can put brush, sucker and so forth cleaning hardware;

Application: Chemical industry , Petrifaction , Waste water treatment, Iron and steel industry, City water treatment, Farm water system, Fruits and vegetables lack of hydration, Solid-fluid detachment, Excrement parchedness et cetera.

Bundling and Shipping

Revolving drum screen sends out standard packing, wooden case, wooden pallet, bundle, bulk, bubble film.

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