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Wedge Wire Screen are Used in Petrochemical & Chemical Industry

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Update time : 2021-07-28 16:20:13
Refineries and chemical plants vary in the complexity of their processes; however, separation, conversion and treatment are basic activities they all do and which are typical for the application of Wedge Wire Screen. Our Reactor Internals are used in processes responsible for providing the fundamental raw materials of the petrochemical industry. These products form the basis of such familiar products as synthetic rubber, polyester fibers, polystyrene foam, glues, synthetic detergent chemicals and pharmaceuticals. 

Today all the involved companies have to get more from their processes. More productivity, more flexibility, more profitability. Getting more out of a reactor means optimizing performance, and many of our customers have discovered the best way to do that is with Wedge Wire Screen. Because of their strength, durability, high open area, accurate separation, non-clogging and non-abrasive flow characteristics our screens are preferred above the less expensive wire mesh or perforated products. Therefore, they are widely used in catalytic reformers, hydrotreaters, desulfurisers, gas sweeteners, sand & clay filters, ion-exchangers, ammonia converters and many more.

Since reactor internals have to be tailored to each specific component our engineering department plays a key role. We design and produce our Collectors, Distributors, Scale Traps, Outlet Baskets, Support Grids and Nozzles to live up to the most extreme pressures, temperatures and most corrosive and abrasive environments.
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