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Wedge Wire Screen Used for Industry Filtration

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Update time : 2023-01-09 14:20:30

Wedge Wire Screen used for Industry

Owing to its high strength, rigidity, and load-carrying capacity, the demand for the wedge wire screen market is likely to witness an elevation in the coming years.
“The effective retention of filter medium is ensured by the uniform filter slots and high precision of wedge wire screen, thereby likely to augment the demand over the forecast period.”

Wedge wire screens are screens used for the separation and filtration of liquid/gas, food, water waste, and mining materials. It is a sieve made from stainless steel wires, shaped into a bottomless wedge-shaped section. 
Wedge Wire Screens are capable of separating solids from liquids and are commonly used for sizing, filtering, retaining media, de-watering, distribution, and collection.

Wedge wire screens are mainly used in chemical, mining, gas & oil, and paper industries. Wedge wire screens provide a larger drainage area, thereby creating a better flow of water, and are comparatively strong & durable. They are usually manufactured from stainless steel and primarily used for separation, filtration, and retention media in end-use sectors.

Wedge Wire Screens can be made in various different configurations and are available in cylindrical, flat, or curved shapes. Customized wedge wire screens with large diameters can also be manufactured for individual needs.

Moreover, wedge wire screens act as a perfect tool for drilling boreholes. These screens can handle all kinds of pressure and facilitate the easy flow of liquids. Also, different industries have different requirements for panel screens.


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