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Custom Wedge Wire Screen for Water Treatment

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Update time : 2022-08-30 14:15:57
Wedge wire screen technology from our factory offers a range of water treatment solutions for the environment in which you want to operate.

They are commonly used in hydroelectric, agricultural, and drinking water applications to filter unwanted materials from water.

Wedge wire screen has many advantages and it is used in the water treatment industry. In this industry, wedge wire screens filter water. Such as Hydroelectric,  Drinking Water, Sewage treatment, Dewatering, Agricultural, Wastewater Treatment, etc.

Custom Wedge Wire Screen for Water Treatment

Municipal drinking water systems use wedge wire screen diversions for pretreatment on open channel water sources; wastewater systems use stainless steel filter housing for grit removal on headworks. Diversions are also used on water sources feeding commercial irrigation systems for golf courses and agricultural farming. 
With the versatile wedge wire screen filter design, applications are wide-ranging.

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