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Welded Wedge Wire Candle Filters

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Update time : 2021-10-27 14:50:56
Wedge screens are manufactured by resistance welding vee-shaped wire on support rods. The distance between the vee-shaped wire is controlled accurately, as it forms the slot through which the filtrate flows. Welding is performed in a continuous rolled motion to join the wire and the rods. The welding process welds the continuous length of the wire to the rods as it circulates. welded wedge wire candle filters are ideal for removing particles of very small sizes up to 10 microns. These filters can be easily washed through a backflush of the steam.

Specifications of Welded Wedge Wire Candle Filter

1. The materials of Welded wedge wire candle filter: carbon steel, stainless steel
2. slot size: 0.15mm-3.5mm
3. length: 50mm-6000mm
4. Thickness: 2.0-10mm

wire products manufactured by YUBO include:
Flat Screens
Support Grids
Candle Filters
Resin Traps
Screen Lateral Systems
Fractal Collectors and
Sieve Bends and Boxes
Cylindrical Baskets
Conical Baskets
Pressure Screens
Screw Press Screens

The features of Welded wedge wire candle filter
1. Welded wedge wire candle filter has a high flow rate, large open area and long lasting.
2. Welded wedge wire candle filter has“ V” shaped profile wire and avoids clogging.
3. Welded wedge wire candle filter is self-cleaning and ensures an uninterrupted flow.