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What Is A Coanda Screen Water Intake?

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Update time : 2024-06-07 10:40:22
A Coanda screen water intake system leverages the Coanda Effect to provide an efficient and low-maintenance solution for capturing water from streams, rivers, or other water sources while minimizing debris and aquatic organisms intake.

How Does a Coanda Screen Work

The operation of the Coanda screen water intake is based on the Coanda effect:
The Coanda effect describes the tendency of a fluid jet to stay attached to a convex surface. When a fluid stream encounters a curved surface, it tends to cling to it rather than following a straight path. This principle is widely applied in various engineering fields, including aerodynamics and fluid dynamics.
The Coanda effect is applied to the Coanda water intake system:
▪ Water Flow: Water flows over the screen surface at a controlled angle, adhering to the screen due to the Coanda Effect.
▪ Separation: As the water adheres to the screen, it passes through the fine slots, while debris, leaves, and other particles are left behind.
▪ Collection: Clean water is collected on the downstream side of the screen and redirected for use, while debris is either washed away by the current or collected for manual removal.

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Key Components of Coanda Screen Water Intake

▪ Screen Surface: The core is a finely engineered curved screen, typically made of stainless steel, with precisely angled slots. These slots allow water to pass through, preventing debris from entering the system.
▪ Flow Control Structure: This directs the water flow over the screen at an optimal angle, maximizing the Coanda Effect and ensuring efficient separation.
▪ Debris Management: The system often includes features to handle debris accumulating on the screen, allowing it to fall off naturally due to gravity or directing it to a collection area for easy removal.


Applications of Coanda Screen Water Intake

▪ Hydropower Plants: Ensuring a steady supply of clean water for turbines while minimizing debris-related issues.
▪ Irrigation Systems: Providing debris-free water to agricultural fields, preventing clogging of irrigation equipment.
▪ Municipal Water Supply: Ensuring a clean and reliable water source for treatment and distribution.
▪ Environmental Management: Protecting natural water bodies and aquatic life by preventing debris and contaminants from entering sensitive areas.
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The Coanda screen is a highly efficient and effective water intake system that uses the Coanda effect to create smooth and efficient water flow. Whether you're looking to extract water for power generation, industrial processes, or municipal water supply, the Coanda screen water intake system is worth considering.