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What is a wedge wire screen

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Update time : 2019-10-25 15:17:10

It is a screen made of an annular wire forming a deep wedge-shaped portion.

A separate wedge line is built into the "panel" by passing a crossbar of the appropriate diameter through the ring. The whole is then clamped and fixed, usually by riveting or by placing the ring nut on the end of the crossbar or by welding.

The wedge wire screen can be provided in a variety of shapes and forms, such as flat, curved screen elbows, tapered baskets, cylinders, discs, and can be one-piece or segmented. For curved, cylindrical and conical screens, in most cases, the crossbar is placed along a circumferential line and the contour extends parallel to the axis.

Sometimes this arrangement is the opposite.


The wedge wire screen provides a unique combination of the most important functions required for maximum screening efficiency.

A. Free customs clearance

The tapered portions of the wire form holes that gradually widen in a downward direction to ensure that material passes quickly through them. The clogging and blinding apertures are reduced to an absolute.

B. Lateral strength

We believe that any form of the mesh can not be thinner than the diameter of the wedge wire, and can be compared with the mechanical strength and working efficiency of the wedge wire.

C. Percentage of a business area

For a given aperture, the percentage of an open area of ​​the wedge mesh is much larger than for conventional screens.

D. Long life

The wedge-shaped wire mesh retains a longer duration than the circular wire mesh because the flat top surface provides a larger area of ​​wear.

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