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Wire Mesh Filter used for Industrial Filtration

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Update time : 2020-09-27 10:19:27
Wire mesh industrial filtration is frequently used in commercial and industrial/OEM applications for good reasons. In some industrial filtration applications, the goal is to protect downstream components from particulate matter. In other cases, a metal wire cloth filter can be used to separate, or screen one substance from another. Whether your specific industrial filtration application calls for removing unwanted contaminants from fluid or air, protecting expensive process equipment, or simply separating one material from another, we can manufacture a custom metal wire mesh filter for your exact specifications.
custom metal wire mesh filters and strainers
Our custom metal wire mesh filters and strainers keep your business running. Whether you’re looking for a more durable or less expensive OEM alternative, or you have a true custom challenge due to an outdated part or unique challenge, we can handle it.

We can work off of your drawings or our engineers can design the drawing as the application for you.

Metal wire mesh filtering applications vary greatly, so we offer a broad range of shapes, such as wire mesh filter disc, filter tube, filter pipe, cylinder, basket, panel, etc, the shape and size can be customed as your requirements. 

Metal wire mesh filter